1. Where are these business apartments?
In the centre of the city of Antwerpen.

2. Is it possible to rent for a longer period? 
Yes, since we are the exclusive letter for the properties presented, we can adapt the period to as long as needed. In fact, the rental price will come down on a longer period (> 1 year). 

3. What is the shortest periode available?
Minimum six months. 

4. Is there a parking lot?
You can park for free in the Marcel Auburtinlaan or area. There are no parking problems.

5. What is the deposit / bank garanty?
The minimum deposit for all properties is the amount equal to two months of rent. 

6. What is the standard equipment? 
All living room are equipped with: sofa, table with chairs, TV, decoration, ... Kitchens in modern standards with: refrigerator, microwave, coffee machine, dishes,... bathrooms with: bath or shower, toilet. 
Bedrooms are with: double bed, night table, linen, pillows and blankets.

7. Are pets allowed?
Business Apartments Antwerpen